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Excuse me, but I was on your writing blog and I was wondering how you pronounce MJLK? I have no idea and spell out the word instead of saying it correctly




I’m a bit amused that you switched blogs to ask this, and I’ll reblog it to my writing blog to make sure you see it.

Personally, I pronounce “MJLK” as “milk”. Mostly because it makes me laugh. I’m a very, very, very, immature childish individual. (Katie can vouch for this, she had to listen to me say it and then snicker as I told her about it on Saturday.)

For my dear anon. <3

Kdin said he pronounces it as “Major Luck” so that’s what I’m going with too.

I like that he doesn’t even bother to keep it a colour. Major Luck is a cool name for them.

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So I know a lot of you know who Suppi ( fuckyeahroosterteethproductions )  is, and basically what happened today is that she and her dad where kicked out of their home way earlier than expected while in the process of moving out of the apartment. This is really unfair to them, but luckily they had another place to go to.

However Suppi is only recently reemployed and is a little strapped for cash right now, and while she and her Dad did have a place to go to they were unable to afford power or water and they’re going to need a little help.

Suppi’s paypal is email address is and anything would really help right now.

It would mean a lot if you could donate, even a little. Suppi has done a lot of the community both online and as guardians and it would be a really big help if you guys could help her out.

Thank you so much!

Please help Suppi if you can, she’s an amazing member of this community.

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every inch of you is perfect from the


to the


I can’t even

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After reading your r and r fic id just like to say gago ka ba beCAUSE IN MY LANGUAGE IT MEANS I LOVE YOU YOU BROKE MY KOKORO BUT ALSO I LOVE YOU ORZ

Don’t worry.

There’s more to it. ;)


Which one of you gets to play the race car in Monopoly?
Ray: Jack usually gets it. But only because he’ll grab it before we start and keep it in his pockets for hours so that he gets it.
Jack: Vroom vroom, motherfuckers.

It’s a legitimate strategy. 

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Chatzy Sunday

I am so sorry I’m not keeping up with my Chatzys.

Yogshipping Sidenote

If you like Yogscast shipping, I finally have a Yogscast side blog. I’ll be writing a few things here and there for it, and probably asking for a few prompts, but it’s a side blog because it’ll be treated a lot less seriously than I treat this blog.

So, you know, you should check it out.

I’ll decorate it later.

i really like that magic forest au thing oh my gosh! small nitpick, stags have antlers, not horns. doesnt really matter the fic was neat as heck

Oh fuck did I write horns instead of antlers? 

I went back and reread it, thank you for letting me know I did that. I don’t have a beta usually so sometimes there will be slips like that. ;c

Fixed now. Sorry and thank you darling~!

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A Siren Faun

Nature Spirit!Faun Ray stumbles upon Ryan, who has been impaled by the great stag that protects the forest; but entered the forest nevertheless after hearing Ray’s sweet song, calling to him. (R&R connection)

A/N: I promise I will come back to this and expand upon it from Ray’s point of view with actual R&R things later. Sorry this took so long, darling. 

Warnings for blood 

The sweet enchanting sound of the far away song had been his downfall.

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